Lunar Gumble


The official documentation for Lunar Gumble, the decentralized gaming/gambling hub connecting Games, Defi and Communities together through one token only - LNG

What is Lunar Gumble?

Lunar Gumble is a Decentralized Gaming ecosystem on Polygon/BSC that is built to connect everyone, every game in only one ecosystem. Every project listed on Lunar Gumble's marketplace utilizes LNG in their game, with unique functional for LNG token with each game.
$LNG, the native token of Lunar Gumble, is the sole currency for marketplace transactions. In this way, $LNG acts as the reserve currency for the connected game ecosystem.
Lunar Gumble projects are linked–narratively and economically–through $LNG. Lunar DAO uses $LNG emissions to grow new projects and continue supporting more mature ones.

Vision and Mission

Lunar DAO, governed by staked LNG holders, oversees the project. The goal of Lunar DAO is to allow communities to bootstrap new, decentralized games, adding up to the huge gaming ecosystem of Lunar Gumble
Lunar DAO's member votes on which projects to onboard, $LNG distribution, and revenue-sharing agreements for the marketplace. Lunar Gumble has enjoyed a strong grassroots community in its brief history. Over time, we expect Lunar Gumble to cultivate a much larger ecosystem with multiple product offerings. Lunar Gumble hopes to become the beacon of decentralization across the entire gaming ecosystem.
Last modified 9mo ago